In the Home

Splurge on:

An iconic lamp to make your space look more curated and elegant.

A quality desk chair—ergonomics are important.

Art and accessories that'll make the room feel collected and timeless.

Save on:

A desk—even though it's a smaller piece of furniture, it might look bulky or too small in your next space.

Wall-mounted shelving—it's a pain to move, so opt for an affordable IKEA type system.

A low-pile jute rug that your desk chair can easily roll over.


LED Table Lamp (Rs 1350)

In the Bedroom


Splurge on:

Great cozy bedding that you'll never want to part with.

Amazing quality pillows and a comforter that will make your bed feel five-star.

Beautiful bedside lamps to set the mood in your bedroom at night.

Save on:

Nightstands that may not be the right size for your next bedroom.

Dressers, clothing racks, or other storage systems for your closet.

A large cozy rug—just don't spend too much since it might not fit your next space.


In the Bathroom

Splurge on:

Great towels that will add an edge to your bathroom.

Luxe bath products to make your space feel like a five-star hotel bathroom.

Other small accessories and canisters to keep your space organized.

Save on:

Any wall-hung storage system or towel bars that you won't want to move when you leave.

Small furniture like storage towers or benches that may not fit your next space.

A shower curtain that looks good but that you haven't spent a ton on in case your next shower has a glass door.


Bathroom Accessories Set (Rs1250)