Are you someone who is constantly on the move? I’m sure there are things you splurged on and swore you'd keep for years that often end up on online websites or sold cheaply to loved ones or friends once you move. Especially when you're younger and starting out, chances are you'll also move often. Homes/ apartments/ flats come in all shapes and sizes—so picking the right furniture that will enhance your space and make your storage feel functional is paramount to cherishing the space you live in.

Even if you know you won't spend multiple years in your abode, that doesn't mean you shouldn't decorate at all. The key is knowing exactly where to splurge and where to save and hunt for good deals. The general rule of thumb: Splurge on things you'll be able to easily transfer to a new place and get thrifty with the things that are harder to move around—large rugs, sofas, and dining tables. Then, splurge again on smaller accents that will make you feel at home.

Ahead, we mapped out room-by-room exactly what to buy when furnishing a smaller residence as well as where to splurge and where to save.

In the Entryway


Splurge on:

A large mirror that will make your space feel a whole lot bigger.

Small accessories to keep your space organized like trays and baskets.

Artwork or a beautiful lamp that will make your space feel more decorated and complete.

Save on:

A vintage runner rug you love but might not fit in your next space.

Wall-mounted hooks and racks you may not want to take with you when you move.

A console or bench that fits your space exactly right—no need to overspend on something that might not move with you.

In the Laundry Room

Splurge on:

A high-quality full automatic washer system to make laundry a breeze.

Space-saving storage systems to stay ultra-organized.

Laundry products that are gentle on things like your linens and towels so they stay in great shape longer. 

Save on:

A coat of paint to give your space some personality.

Wall-mounted hooks and racks you may not want to take with you when you move.

Small decorative accessories, trays, and canisters that help stay organized while looking pretty.

Samsung Washing Machine

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