Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Chahyay Grocery!

In order to provide our services at the highest level of our standards, we have outlined the terms and conditions that apply to the use of our services. We encourage you to carefully read and understand these terms before utilizing our services. The following Terms of Service govern the use of websites (Services), which provide software-based delivery services for grocery items such as food, beverages, and other products (Groceries). Please note that our services are limited to the specified territory of Pakistan.


2.1 Registration & Ordering Processes

As a user of Chahyay services, you are solely responsible for creating and maintaining your account. By registering, you accept and agree to abide by our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and confirm that you are at least 18 years of age. Registration is free of charge, and admission to the service is not guaranteed. The information provided during registration must be complete and accurate. Users are responsible for keeping their account data up to date through the Service's interface. Chahyay bears no responsibility for any unauthorized use of user accounts and expressly disclaims any liability in such cases. If you suspect any unauthorized use of your Account, please notify Chahyay immediately by emailing us at info@chahyay.com for security purposes. By providing your mobile phone number to Chahyay for the use of the Service, you give us affirmative consent to use your phone number to contact you directly and perform the Services. This includes sending occasional notifications, text messages with promotional offers, service updates, and surveys regarding the quality of our services.


2.2 Order Placement and Contractual Relationship

When placing an order through Chahyay, the user affirms the accuracy of all provided information. Orders are confirmed to the user through the Service interface. Please note that no contractual relationship exists between the user and Chahyay. Chahyay reserves the right to refuse any order for any reason and may decide not to perform it. Users can schedule orders for specific times, dates, weeks, or months, subject to the availability of the Service.


2.3 Variety Limitations

Please note that the range and prices of available groceries may vary depending on the delivery location.


2.4 Volume Limitations

Chahyay may contact the user to confirm an order in the following situations: if the total number of items in an order exceeds 100 or if an order contains 25 or more of the same item. Additionally, if an order requires more than one delivery personnel to handle due to volume limitations. Please note that Chahyay reserves the right to limit the delivery quantity for specific products or, if necessary, not to deliver a particular product at all based on the availability of groceries.


2.5 Amending and Cancelling Orders

Please note that once an order is confirmed through the Service, the user may not be able to amend it due to technical limitations. However, a confirmed order can be cancelled within a limited time period before it is dispatched for delivery according to the technical specifications of the Service.


2.6. Incomplete order fulfillment / Substitution

Chahyay aims to fulfill all orders with the correct quantity and high-quality standards. However, Users acknowledge that stock availability and human errors may affect the delivery of Groceries. Therefore, Chahyay reserves the right to replace or remove any item from an order, either in part or in full, at any time and without any liability or compensation, if it is out of stock, damaged, spoiled, or unavailable for any other reason, to successfully complete the order. The replaced item's price will be maintained as per the brand that was ordered, but in case of a higher valued replacement, the price may increase. Although all items shown on our website are available to order, if any product is out of stock or unavailable, we may send a push notification to enable the User to select a substitute. If an item is not delivered, despite being billed, the amount in question will be credited to the User. No subsequent delivery is obligatory to be made, and the User is not entitled to claim any further compensation. In the event that we are unable to supply a particular item for any reason beyond our control, we will not be liable to the User. We will attempt to deliver substitute products in case the selected products are unavailable, and the User may reject these substitutes upon receiving the Groceries. However, an order of unusually large quantities of different or one product can only be fulfilled at the discretion of the Shop.


3.1. Groceries Delivery

Chahyay will deliver the ordered Groceries to the address specified by the User. The delivery will be carried out either by Chahyay's own delivery service or by a third-party delivery partner, depending on the nature of the goods and the delivery location. The delivery will be made to the front door of private residences (as far as accessible) and to the reception desk of business Users.


3.2. Delivery Time and Punctuality

Chahyay aims to deliver the ordered Groceries within 24 hours on average, depending on the location or as scheduled. However, we cannot guarantee that the delivery time frames will always be met as there may be external factors beyond our control that may lead to early or delayed deliveries. You accept that Chahyay shall not be held responsible for any deliveries made outside of the estimated delivery time frame.


3.3. Delivery Receipt

After you place an order and the Shop prepares all the items, we will send you an SMS with a link to your electronic receipt, whenever feasible. This receipt will contain the final items you are requested to pay for. You may also request a physical copy of the receipt.


3.4. Cancellation of a delivery by Chahyay

If, for reasons beyond Chahyay's control - such as an incorrect delivery address, the recipient's absence, lack of an access permit, bad weather conditions, or similar, it should prove impossible or possible only with great difficulty, to carry-out the delivery successfully, Chahyay is entitled to cancel the User's order. In this event, the User is not entitled to compensation or pecuniary of in kind.



Chahyay endeavors to provide you with accurate and up-to-date pricing, product availability, and promotional information. Discrepancies are possible, and you agree not to hold Chahyay liable in such instances.



Chahyay quotes all prices in Pakistani Rupees. If goods are charged by weight, such as fruit, meat, or cheese, the price per unit applies. The actual quantity of such goods delivered may differ from the quantity ordered, resulting in a different price charged. For prepacked and price-labelled fresh products, the price at the time of order preparation is applicable. Chahyay reserves the right to update prices and make changes to them at any time.


4.2. Payment methods / creditworthiness

Chahyay offers different payment methods based on the products and delivery options available at the time of purchase. Cash on delivery is one of the payment methods available. Any dispute or claim arising from the use of our website shall be governed by the laws of Pakistan. Chahyay only accepts payments made through secured connections and provided directly to our payment provider. The User can select their preferred payment method at checkout. In the event that it is impossible to process a payment using a credit card, Chahyay may offer the cash on delivery option as the only available payment method. Minors under the age of 18 are not permitted to register as a User or transact on our website. The cardholder must retain a copy of transaction records and adhere to Chahyay's policies and rules.


5.1. Product information

Chahyay takes responsibility for keeping product information up to date in the Service. However, in some cases, the information provided may differ from the details printed on the product packaging. In such instances, the information on the packaging will be considered as correct. As recipes may change anytime, it is advisable to check the ingredients list and allergy-related information on the packaging regularly.



Considering the current state of technology, Chahyay cannot guarantee that data communication via the internet will be error-free and/or available at all times. Therefore, Chahyay cannot be held responsible for the constant, uninterrupted availability of the online shop, or for technical and electronic faults during a sales transaction, especially for any delay in processing or accepting orders.


7.1. Prepaid mobile phone credit

Chahyay offers prepaid mobile phone cards from various providers such as Mobilink, Zong, and Warid. It is recommended to activate the mobile phone card as soon as possible since the activation code is valid only once. No exchanges or refunds are permitted.


8.1. Special Offers

The User acknowledges that special offers available from Chahyay may differ from those available from Shop sales channels.


8.2. Loyalty Bonuses

Chahyay may award loyalty bonuses in a form solely decided by Chahyay and may withdraw loyalty bonuses at any point without warning or liability.



Chahyay Customer Service provides information and personal advice regarding any questions, problems, or complaints about Chahyay services. For any missing items, it must be reported immediately upon receiving the groceries; otherwise, the groceries are considered accepted by the User as being in perfect condition. Latent defects must be reported to Chahyay Customer Service immediately after they come to light, although in these cases, there are limitations of error acknowledgment. To contact Chahyay Customer Service, please email info@chahyay.com.