Subhan Allah Camel Bone Tasbeeh

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Tasbeeh is considered a way of remembering Allah and seeking His blessings and forgiveness, and it is believed to have many spiritual and psychological benefits, including increasing mindfulness and reducing stress and anxiety.

Camel bone crafts have a long life about fifty to a hundred years,
Protection From Negative Energies, Magic, Evil Eye
Helps to improve focus, experience, and benefits attained in your spiritual practice
Can act as a form of relief as your energy is refocused with the release of harmful thought patterns.
You will feel pure and clean which is why we strive to use the best and most natural materials possible
it reminds you of the importance of your spiritual and mental wellness goals which can lead to an increase in the frequency of practice.
Our tasbihs are designed to fit your lifestyle and look while supporting you on your spiritual journey.
Add a touch of art in your tasbih with this Awadudi camel bone tasbih

Prayers Beads Made by Camel Bones Tasbih ( 100+100 Beads)
100% Original Camel Bone Beads.
A Beautiful Handcrafted Gift
Natura Bone Color
Best for Zikar -e- Elahi & Ramdan Gift

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