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What Our Customers Say

What you see is what you get (at least that's what I got). They arrived very securely and in perfect condition. They seriously couldn't have been better had I packed them myself.

Alyce Ventura

As you can see, I received exactly what the listing predicted I would receive. And it's crazy good especially if you like interesting beverages to mix into cocktails. Also great on its own.

Ewen Hunter

For what it is worth, this is a great sample box. You get 8 (or at least I got 8) drinks of different types and mostly different flavors, all full-sized either cans or bottles and get to try something.

Avery Schmitt

I would highly recommend this to the picky person, as its fairly cheap, you don't feel bad tossing what you don't like, and you can use your credit to buy more of item you loved most!

Kourtney Kent

I love the sample boxes. Some of the drinks I didn't care and some I really loved. That's the beauty. You can try and unless you absolutely hate them all, you are coming out ahead.

Adrienne Gordon

Excellent chance to try a good variety of sparkling beverages. Several were new for me to taste and I really enjoyed most of them. Have ordered more of the ones I liked. Thanks!

Amiya Martins

For A Happy New Year!

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