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Vite n Glow Pigmentation Corrector Face Serum 30ml

    Vite n Glow Pigmentation Corrector Face Serum 30ml

    Rs.2,500.00 Rs.2,950.00

      VITE N GLOW Face Serum is the fourth step to help treat skin for pigmentation correction.

      • Helps reduce appearance of spots, pigmentation and dullness
      • Helps brighten dull and uneven skin tone

      • For clean, spot-less and youthful skin

      • Smoother skin surface with youthful glow


      Active Ingredients:

      5% AZELAIC ACID 5% - Naturally occurring acid helps diminish the appearance of skin blemishes and removes dead skin cells that cause dull skin tone & clogged pores.
      5% NIACINAMIDE - A healthy skin cell builder, it helps protecting skin from damage, reduces pigmentation and can be helpful in lightening dark spots.
      2% KOJIC ACID - Helps lighten skin tone, improving the look of sun damage, age spots, pigmentation & dullness.
      2% ALPHA ARBUTIN - Helps brighten the complexion, and reduce dark spots, uneven skin tone, and pigmentation.

      Directions: Apply 2-3 drops of VITE ‘N’ GLOW face serum on face and neck evenly, avoiding the lower lash line and eyelids. For effective results, use daily or weekly after cleansing and toning. For daytime, always follow with moisturizer and a sunscreen with SPF 30 or greater.

      When using this product:
      - Avoid unnecessary sun exposure and use a sunscreen daily.
      - Avoid contact with eyes, lips, and mouth.
      - Skin irritation may occur, characterized by redness, burning, itching, or possibly swelling. Irritation may be reduced by using the product less frequently or in a lower concentration.

      Discontinue use if irritation occurs.