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Oil Control Micellar Cleansing Water

    Oil Control Micellar Cleansing Water

    Rs.1,029.00 Rs.1,150.00
      • Repairs damaged skin cell • Improves skin elasticity • Eliminates oily look and feel It is the right product to cleanse your skin with. It is gentle on the skin. It doesn’t cause dryness like other cleansers. it’s hydrating property is one more factor that makes it ideal for acne-prone skin. Micellar water offers the hydration which is an integral part of skin care. It’s gentle enough to use on face, eyes, and lips yet powerful enough to effectively absorb and control excess oil. This water-like substance is loaded with micelles, which are small, cleansing molecules that are dispersed and suspended in water. Ideal for sensitive and irritated skin, it’s formulated to soothe while it cleanses your skin and removes eye and face makeup in one step.