Angry Bird Motif Kids Bean Bag Sofa

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Angry Bird Motif Kids Bean Bag Sofa, Excite your kid by bringing home these colorful and attractive themed Bean Bags and give them a reason to enjoy their video games on a comfy yet durable sitting. The high-quality material has been carefully selected to give your home a better and more cozy look with the advantage of increased stain resistance. Your child will enjoy hanging out with friends while sitting on the sofa bean bag sofa.

Starting from the school homework to taking short naps, that’s all that they can wrap on this comfy model. So, we have filled our inventory with such amazing eye-catching characters that will warm your heart. the color schemes that we have enhanced our kids-oriented. So who might say no to elegant design, soft seating, and vibrant colors.


Seat:  Front Height 18", Seat Diameter: 12"x 14" , Height from back: 30" 
Material: Parachute

Care Instructions;
You'll get the best results by spot-cleaning your bean bag with a damp cloth and soapy water and then wiping the moisture off with a dry cloth.

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